Conference Venue

Bild vom Campus Ulmenstraße 69

Conference Venue is the Campus Ulmenstrasse 69, which is situated at the Ulmenstrasse 69 in 18057 Rostock. Please have a look at our Site Map. The sessions will take place in the Audimax (building 7), in the Arno-Esch-Hörsaalgebäude (building 8) and in building 1.
On Monday, 02 September 2019, the registration starts at 8 am in the Auditorium Maximum (building 7 in our location plan).
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How to reach the Conference Venue

Site map Campus Ulmenstrasse 69

You can reach Campus Ulmenstrasse 69 by S-Bahn, Tram or Bus.
At Rostock (Main train station) you can buy a ticket for S-Bahn (short haul /1,80 EURO) at a ticket vending machine on the platform. You have to stamp this ticket in an orange machine on the platform before entering the S-Bahn. With S-Bahn heading to Warnemünde, you leave the train at the next station (Parkstrasse). It takes 3 minutes. You leave the platform in the opposite direction to the train, go downstairs, turn to the left and follow the marked footway in our map.
At Rostock (Main train station) there is an underground tram station. You can take a tram number 6 or number 3 in direction to 'Neuer Friedhof | Zoo'. In every tram you can buy a ticket at the ticket machine for 2,30 EURO, which is valid only for this special ride. You should leave the tram at station 'Saarplatz' or at station 'Parkstrasse', please look at our map.
At Rostock Main train station 'Nord' or Main train station 'Süd' you can take the bus number 27 to 'Klinikum Schillingallee'. In the bus you can buy a ticket  at the ticket machine for 2,30 EURO, which is valid only for this special ride. You should leave at 'Saarplatz' or at 'Parkstrasse'.

(Download Site Map as PDF file)